Bike Tower


Bike Tower is the leading automated multi-story parking solution for all two-wheeled bikes. Fully automated and completely secure for bikes and belongings, Bike Tower is self managed, eliminates the problem of abandoned bikes. It can be installed inside a building, underground or standalone with cladding. Speak to the team about your project or read on.

Bike Tower delivers day after day

Bike Tower has been fully operational without interruption since 2014 and is exceptionally reliable. It is automated and self-managing, which eliminates the overheads normally associated with cycle parking such as double-locking, lost keys, theft and abandoned bikes It provides the operator with information on every rack and bike movement including real-time and recorded CCTV imagery.

Bike Tower stores more bikes by area than any other solution

Bike Tower is the most space-efficient solution on the market right now. Bike Tower can store 118 bikes in an area of four car parking spaces. Unlike other racking solutions, Bike Tower does not require a wide area around the racks for the movement of people and bikes. Bike Tower stores expensive bikes, belongings and accessories in complete security which in turn attracts more people to cycle regularly.

Bike Tower offers more for your money

Bike Tower costs the same as enclosed two-tier racking yet offers a far greater experience all round. It has a smaller footprint and reduces administration. It eliminates abandoned bikes to free up more racks for people to use, and its App combined with absolute security offers cyclists a far better experience. Bike Tower is also the only bicycle parking solution that can be self-financing. It comes with a range of revenue options that at some sites can achieve payback within 5 years.

Easy to construct

Bike Tower can be operational in just six weeks. It requires an 8.3m diameter concrete base plate, electricity and Internet connectivity. Bike Tower’s engineers will assemble and test the facility, after which it is ready for use. Bike Tower can be controlled remotely over the Internet ensuring constant trouble-free usage from day one.

Easy to use

Watch the videos below to see how cyclists can leave their belongings with their bikes and how quick and simple parking and retrieval is with Bike Tower.

Parking A Bicycle

Retrieving A Bicycle