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Does Bike Tower get new people cycling?

Yes. 40% of the users of Bike Tower took up cycling because of it. The reasons include the ability to use an expensive bike, to leave helmet, bag and lights with the bike and no need to carry or use a bike lock.

Does Bike Tower reduce carbon emissions?

Yes. Because Bike Tower creates new regular cyclists it generates incremental carbon dioxide reductions.

Is Bike Tower as secure as you say?

Yes. Bike Tower stores bikes and belongings out of reach of people. Sensors and pressure pads ensure that people cannot access the storage area and four CCTV cameras record all cycle movements.

Is Bike Tower the most space efficient bike parking solution?

Yes. No other solution can store 118 bikes in 54 metres squared with no abandoned bikes. Two tier racks require additional perimeter space for people and cyclists to move around in and are soon filled up with abandoned bikes. Bike Tower has none of these issues.

Is Bike Tower really better value than other racking systems?

Yes. South West Trains selected covered parking stands for 1,400 bicycles for £3.25m with CCTV before Bike Tower was available. For the same price it could now have Bike Towers and no abandoned bikes, with total security and taking up much less space. This would attract new cyclists and could even generate a revenue stream.

Does Bike Tower come with an App?

Yes. Not just an App, but real time data via an API which ensures that cyclists and operators can receive data and parking statistics. This API means that Bike Tower can be used for City Bike and City Card schemes such as those run by Santander and Oyster respectively.